Dear Healthy Chocolate Family In Garden City New York

Dear Healthy Chocolate Family In Garden City New York

Dan Martin, Xo Lifestyle Worldwide Vice President here. I just wanted to share some of the exciting developments that have happened to MXI Corp in just the past few weeks for Garden City New York:

1.  World-Renowned Scientist and Formulator ‘Chanda Zaveri’ Joins MXI Greater Access to Global Markets, Unique Products

New product launches are the lifeblood of growing businesses. From tech (think Apple and venture startups) to packaged food, new and newsworthy products keep companies at the head of their markets.  Network Marketing is no different. I can name one particular billion-dollar MLM company (more than 20 years old) that was literally reinvented due to a product launch.  Dr. Chanda Zaveri brings her international reputation, product development experience, and catalog of dozens of unique products to MXI.

Not only do we now have amazing products in the pipeline, I personally cannot wait to see what the team of Dr. Zaveri and Jeanette Brooks come up with over the next five, ten, and 15 years. Dr. Zaveri has several billion-dollar products already on her resume, as does Jeanette, who is nearing $1 billion in Healthy Chocolate™ sales alone.  With new product lines and Dr. Zaveri’s participation, MXI Corp. has been officially renamed XO Lifestyle Worldwide. You’ll see more about this corporate re-brand in future packaging, websites, and presentations.

I wouldn’t call this a turning point for MXI as much as a quantum leap forward for the company and for you as a XO Lifestyle Worldwide business owner. Imaging having the rights to distribute and build teams around products with no practical competitors in retail sales.  This development is the next stage in MXI becoming a one-stop company for category-leading products in:

  • Health
  • Skin Care
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight-Loss
  • Chocolate

2.  A New Hand at the Helm: Introducing Brad Stewart More than $500 Million in Corporate Launches, Management, and Turn-Arounds

So, who is going to help XO Lifestyle Worldwide launch the next wave of successful products? The Brooks family has tapped Brad Stewart to lead us forward as president, taking over for Jeanette Brooks. Jeanette will continue to be active in XO management as Chief Executive Officer.  Brad has more than 30 years of success in helming network marketing and other companies, taking each to higher levels of revenues and rewards. I’m already excited to see how Brad has embraced you—our distributors—and his role in helping you have every chance to rise up and reach your goals.

3.  XO Gold Founder Program Leap to Gold in Days or Weeks

Introducing XO Lifestyle Worldwide has inspired us to create a program for you, your contacts, and your prospects to leap ahead in your XO business. It’s a chance to capitalize on all of the excitement going on between now and our International General Celebration in mid-September.  You can find details on the XO Gold Founder program at, but in a nutshell, you use XO Success Packs to combine best-selling Healthy Chocolate™ with new, innovative products in rapidly building a team Gold Executives.

4.  XO Inner Circle Want a Lifetime Share of Proven Billion-Dollar Markets?

In a recent presentation, new XO president Brad Steward talked about just a few of his favorite products in the XO lineup, each a potential billion-dollar product in their own right (think skin care, energy, health, anti-aging, chocolate, and weight-loss).  Believe me when I tell you that Brad has seen billion-dollar products from an insider’s perspective. He knows the winners from the pretenders.  So, how would you like to secure for yourself a lifetime share of global XO sales in these potential billion-dollar, market-leading products?

That’s the XO Inner Circle!

As an XO Gold Founder qualifier (or re-qual ifiers), you get a share of 1% of global revenues that XO Lifestyle Worldwide is setting aside for the Inner Circle—a lifetime share that never goes away as long as you stay qualified.  But—and this is important—you have to hurry. The XO Inner Circle is only open to the first 100 XO Gold Founders (and we have already ticked off nearly 20 qualifiers to date).  See for more details on becoming a lifetime XO Inner Circle member.

5.  Dr. Gordon Pedersen Continues to Preach the XO Message North American Tour Ongoing

If you could hire your own spokesperson to tell the story of XO, what kind of person would you hire?

  • Enthusiastic
  • Expert and credible in your products
  • Network marketing experience (as a business builder)
  • A global reputation in their own right
  • Dynamic ability to communicate in a way that educates, entertains, and inspires
  • Dr. Gordon Pedersen fits that description exactly.  Dr. Pedersen is in the middle of a tour of Canada, spreading the XO message. Let him help you build your business from a position of authority and credibility. Bring your friends, contacts, and prospects to hear for themselves the truly amazing story of your products.  Dr. Pedersen is one of the most valuable assets you have to build your business. Be sure to use him (and his videos, conference calls, etc.) as much as possible.

6.  The End of the Beginning

Wow. What a ride we have been on for the past nine years. Nearly $1 billion in cumulative Healthy Chocolate™ sales. More than 20 millionaires. Unique, category-creating products. Tens of thousands of people living happier and healthier because of YOU.  Can you sense what is coming next? We’ve just put the final period on the last paragraph of the FIRST chapter of the XO story. I, for one, can’t help but smile when I think about what’s to come.

For More Information

We’ve updated the website to give you more information the XO players, upcoming XO events, and a helpful FAQ section to address questions you probably have.  Of course, your Customer Care team is standing by to answer any questions you have at 775-971-9903.


Dan Martin
Vice President
XO Lifestyle Worldwide

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I am Adam Green, and I am a Garden City-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in April 2005. I sell the industry-leading Nugget and X Power Square online and in Garden City, SoHo, Manhattan, and Southampton. Our valued New York customers recommend X Power Square because X Power Square has improved my health and produced substantial income for my family.

Winner’s Circle Intl. is also a fantastic Nugget home-based business in the New York area. New York entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on a high-demand New York healthy artisan chocolate market. To learn more about Winner’s Circle Intl., visit

Call me at 801-809-7766 to own your own Nugget business in Garden City, SoHo, Manhattan, or Southampton.

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