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Hey Garden City – Chocolate for Healthy Digestion?

Hi, its Andrew Gifford again. Today’s featured healthy chocolate product is Xocai XoBiotic Squares which contain valuable Probiotics. ‘Biotic’ means ‘life’. (It has the same ‘bio’ root such as ‘biology’ and ‘biography’.) Probiotic, therefore, means ‘pro-life’. Probiotics are living microorganisms … Continue reading

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies In Garden City?

Many Garden City people still believe the following fallacy: ‘If it tastes good, it must be bad for you.’ SoHo folks who have tried Xocai Power Squares or Nuggets know that some health chocolate is delicious. But what about healthy … Continue reading

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Buy Antioxidant Chocolate in Garden City

Do you need a healthy snack to keep in your locker for a post-workout bite at your Garden City gym? Do you want a guilt-free morsel to nibble while you are stuck in traffic on a New York interstate? How … Continue reading


Earth-Friendly and Hip-Friendly Chocolate Here In Garden City?

When it comes to eco-responsibility, many SoHo companies talk the talk, but do they really walk the walk? I can’t speak for all New York health supplement businesses, but I can tell you about MXI, the makers of Xocai healthy … Continue reading

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New York Chocolate Health Benefits

Xocai, the original dark healthy chocolate, is made from the world’s number one antioxidant superfood cacao and the incredible acai berry. With their revolutionary product, Xocai created the healthy chocolate industry and continues to set the nutritional standard. In addition, … Continue reading

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Xocai for Heart Health In Garden City

The Kuna Indians of Panama live both on the mainland and on a chain of islands in the Caribbean. The Kuna who live on the islands have retained their traditional culture which includes a diet rich in unprocessed cacao. Most … Continue reading

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Healthy Chocolate, Healthy Business in Garden City

The ancient Mayans were probably the earliest group to cultivate the cacao tree. The seeds from the pods of this tree, ‘cacao beans’, were so valuable they were used as currency in many of the pre-Colombian societies in the New … Continue reading

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Reduce Stroke Risk With Chocolate

If you have been following my New York healthy chocolate blog, you know that I sell sell Xocai antioxidant chocolate in Garden City. Xocai chocolate is a revolutionary health food. That’s right, I said Health Food. If you are skeptical … Continue reading

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All-Natural Energy Drink

I am Andrew Gifford, a entrepreneur in Garden City. I am excited to tell you about Xocai Activ drink. Of course the ingredients in Xocai Activ drink are nutritional powerhouses: unprocessed cacao, acaí berries, blueberries and concord grapes. (I would … Continue reading

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